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Self Storage Services From Premier Orlando Storage Unit Builders

From planning to design to execution, our experienced team of Orlando storage unit builders ensures that each of our newly built self-storage facilities is masterfully constructed to meet the needs of businesses and their customers.

If you plan to start or expand a self-storage business, you know the industry is booming. Recent reports show that 38% of Americans have rented a self-storage unit or plan to; this figure has increased by 5% since 2020 and continues to climb. These facilities are essential to the real estate market, meeting short-term and long-term storage needs. The demand for self-storage facilities particularly in high-growth areas like Central Florida increases as the housing market expands for the population influx in our local area each year.

With tailored construction designs, our Orlando storage unit builders and project management team plan and construct every self-storage facility to the specific needs and requirements of each business we serve. Our knowledgeable and seasoned team of building professionals walks clients through highly customizable, thoroughly planned, and proficiently executed phases.


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The Self-Storage Unit Construction Design Phase

Design is paramount when it comes to a well-constructed self-storage facility. Our team follows this proactive planning approach because it provides for the following:

Customized Analysis of Building Requirements

We ensure that each of our client’s preferences and requirements are met during this phase of self-storage building. Code requirements, facility sizing, secure access control measures, and climate-controlled unit placement are integrated into each prepared building plan.

Sustainable and Streamlined Design Solutions

Cost-effective and sustainable solutions such as environmentally-conscious building materials, natural lighting features, and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems are built into each design outline to lower operative costs and prioritize eco-conscious practices.

Comprehensive Construction Outlines

The last aspect of the design phase involves combining building requirements and design solutions to organize and delineate the steps that will be followed rigorously in the construction phase.

Our Storage Facility Process

Free Consultation

Every building project begins with a free consultation where our team learns more about a client's needs.


We start a pre-construction collaboration that centers on plan development, budgeting, permits, licensing, and more


Our team maintains ongoing communication with our building crews and clients to keep construction schedules consistent.


We receive compliance certifications from local inspectors to confirm high-quality standards and collaborate with clients to ensure total satisfaction.

self storage facility construction process

The Storage Unit Construction Phase

Once the design phase is complete, our Orlando storage unit builders closely collaborate with other building professionals, architects, engineers, service experts, and subcontractors to execute the design plan and formulate projected completion timeframes for individual steps. The construction phase is centered on

  • Greater Quality Control: Reviewing regional building code requirements and safety regulations is the first step in the construction phase. Once we ensure these measures are implemented, consecutive steps such as site preparation, excavation, and foundation construction can begin.
  • Systematic Cost Management: Spending time on cost analysis in the design phase allows for more systematic spending control during the building phase. Our project managers ensure that the cost of framing, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and other finishing services stay within budget through the building process. 
  • Accurate Scheduling Projections: Along with keeping a keen eye on the cost of building services, our team also closely monitors construction scheduling projections to keep the construction phase running smoothly and on time.
  • Building Security and Client Convenience: In the final stages of the construction phase our Orlando storage unit builders ensure safety and user-friendly features are optimally implemented and functioning. These measures include secure gated accesses, strategic security camera placement, well-placed loading docks for ease of use, and more. 


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