Is Commercial Construction Seasonal in Florida?

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Is Commercial Construction Seasonal in Florida?

Every type of building industry has ups and downs throughout the year. Today we would like to explore if these recurring variations are due to seasonality in commercial construction in the Central Florida area.

Is Commercial Construction in Florida Seasonal?

The short answer is yes. Commercial construction in Florida fluctuates between the seasons, but not as much as it might in states with drastic weather changes.   In a state where hot, humid summers are normal along with a hurricane season, many business owners wonder if there’s a special commercial construction season in Florida. Some people worry about not getting their projects started soon enough or missing an invisible deadline when it comes to Orlando commercial construction, so here’s a quick guide.

When Is the Best Time to Schedule Commercial Construction in Florida?

Even in a high-growth area like Central Florida, every season has its pros and cons for construction. Because of this, the most critical part of scheduling commercial construction in Florida is planning and accounting for possible complications. Each season will bring complications that need to be accounted for, but as a seasoned and professional commercial construction company, we know how to prepare for these shifts strategically.

Springtime Building Boost

Spring is when most companies arrange for construction projects to start. Since this is the most common time for commercial construction, finding a contractor with the time and resources available to work on your project is often challenging. Spring has some of the mildest weather. The heat isn’t as intense as it is in the summer. If you want to plan a commercial construction project for the spring, schedule your contractor in advance so you are not too late to book with them.

Summer Commercial Construction in Florida

Summers in Florida can be dangerously hot, meaning there will likely be days when your construction team isn’t able to work safely. Starting a commercial construction project in the summer is still feasible, it’s just important to be mindful of delays during this season. Additionally, wet and unfavorable weather conditions may require more time for materials to dry properly. Things like concrete and paint need certain conditions to set, and Florida summers may make this more difficult. The team here at Venue Construction understands the challenges of this building season and we account for possible delays when providing you with an estimated end date. 

Fall Commercial Construction

As summer heat dies off, some businesses choose autumn as the best time to begin commercial construction projects. As a result, fewer people are requesting building permits making it easier to get commercial construction projects off the ground. Fall construction projects mean contractors should account for winter conditions. If a project is delayed, they may need to add the finishing touches during the winter months. If the weather changes early, building crews may be in winter conditions as early as November or late October. This doesn’t mean commercial construction isn’t possible, though.

Winter Conditions For Commercial Construction

Winter is the down season for most commercial construction companies. While Florida doesn’t get heavy snow and temperatures usually stay above freezing during the winter months, contractors still have to account for different weather than during the spring and summer. Winters in Florida are milder and are a great time to start a commercial construction project because so few people tend to consider it.  While other businesses plan to start a project during the spring, starting a project in the winter can ensure your business is ready to go when the high season rolls around.

commercial construction

Finding The Best Commercial Construction Company For Your Project

Here at Venue Construction, we know and fully understand seasonality in the commercial building market in Central Florida. Our company centers on effective and accurate quality control, cost management, scheduling projections, building security, and client convenience. With over two decades of collective commercial construction experience, our expert team offers:
  • No-Cost Consultations
  • Collaborative Pre-Construction Plans
  • A Schedule-Driven Construction Phase
  • Complete Post-Construction Compliance and Satisfaction Guarantees

Choose Venue Construction For Your Commercial Construction Project

Different seasons bring different challenges for commercial construction, but these are all complications that professional construction companies will be able to account for and prepare for. Whether you want to start a project in the spring, summer, fall, or winter, the Venue Construction team will provide expert craftsmanship quality no matter the season. Call us today to learn more about starting your commercial construction project.


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