Commercial construction projects are often overwhelming and dangerous when they aren’t planned properly. In order to keep the work zone safe for both workers and passersby, it’s important to understand a few of the major do’s and don’ts of commercial construction.

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Do’s of Commercial Construction

Follow Safety Regulations

Don’t be tempted to cut corners to make a project move along quicker. In some cases, workers may be tempted to disregard certain safety equipment requirements due to high temperatures or clunkiness. It’s vital that all workers follow the safety regulations while on the site. From clothing regulations to equipment use, make sure everyone adheres to the requirements.

Plan Ahead

Before you even break ground, take the time to plan ahead and envision the completed project. Your construction team should know what permits you need, your budget, your desired timeline, and anything else related to the project.

Projects that are planned out well in advance are the most successful, so take the time to plan and organize before you start bidding and hire a crew.

Keep Visitors Away

It can be tempting to bring potential investors to your construction site so that they can see what your business is doing, but this is ill-advised. A lot can go wrong on a construction site, and the last thing you want is for a visitor to be injured.

The safest thing for you and the workers is to keep all visitors away from the site. This will reduce the risk of injuries and ensure the site remains safe for the full duration of the construction project.

Don’ts of Commercial Construction

Hire Unskilled Workers

Amateur construction workers will cost the cheapest to hire, but they won’t do the best job due to their lack of experience. When you choose a company to work on your project, make sure you choose a reputable company like us with plenty of skilled workers and managers to oversee your project. If you don’t, you’ll have a higher risk of injury, and it’s much more likely that something will go wrong.

Start Construction Before Receiving Final Permits

Even if you’re confident that your permits are going to be approved, do not ever allow the crew to break ground before that final permit is approved and received. You never know if you’ll be denied, and if you start before you’re fully approved, you can face delays, fines, and stop-work orders.

While it can seem like a waste of time, never start a project before the final permit is approved and received, or you’ll encounter much more problems in the future.

Forget to Budget

When you create your project budget, don’t forget to include costs of labor, materials, and permits. In order to accommodate all the costs, take some time to designate certain amounts within your budget for different aspects of the project. If you don’t, you may find yourself without enough money to complete the construction project. In some cases, you may even be forced to go over budget.


There is a lot that can go wrong during a commercial construction project, but with the right construction crew and ample planning, the risks are much lower. By acknowledging the main do’s and don’ts of any construction project and hiring a professional company that you trust, you set yourself up for success. Call us today to discuss your commercial construction needs, and you can rest easy knowing that your project is in our hands.